Saturday, January 30, 2010


Harley the bald eagle was set free today at the Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center in Hastings. He has been recovering for the past 6 months from a broken wing and lead poisoning. He was found by Harley-Davidson motorcyclist Brian Baladez. The bird appeared injured and unable to fly. Brian captured the bird in his leather jacket and used a bungee cord to secure it to the saddle bags of his motorcycle and drove it 50 miles to the Duluth Zoo. Harley was later taken to the Raptor Center at the University of Mn. (click pictures for larger view)

Harley is wearing a helmet to limit his visual stimulation to help keep him calm.

The eagle is being handed over to his rescuer, he is getting instructions on how to hold and release Harley the magnificent bird!
Flying towards the St. Croix river. Harley has a GPS transmitter to help learn more about eagle behavior.

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JanetDavies said...

Wow! Fantastic post! What a beautiful bird.